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Zomahoun Personal Data

Republic of Benin
Date of Birth
15 June 1964
Place of Birth
Dassa-Zoume, Beinin, West Africa

Academic Background

— Benin

1974-1979Elementary School
1980-1986Middle School and High School
1986-1987Benin National University: Graduated from Linguistics

— China

1987-1993Beijing University of Language and Culture: Department of Language and Literature: Obtained Master of Arts Degree in Chinese Language and Literature
1992-PresentEducated Correspondence Marketing Course (in French)

— Japan

1994-1996Graduated from Gakou Japanese Language School, Koiwa, Tokyo, Japan
1996-1999Obtained a Masters Degree in Sociology from Sophia University Yotsuya, Tokyo
1999-2002Completed Doctoral (Ph.D) Course Requirement of Three Years of Lectures. All grades were "A" except for one "B", Sophia University, Yotsuya, Tokyo, Japan
2002-PresentAllowed to write Doctoral Thesis and Do Field Research in Benin. Sophia University Yotsuya, Tokyo

Titles of Theses

— China

  1. Bachelor of Arts: His Excellency, Democratic Founding Father of China, Dr. Sun Yat Sen (Sun Zhong Shang)-Comparison with President Kerekou, M. Patriotism.
  2. Master of Arts: The Confucian Educational Thinking and its Influence on South-Asian Culture.

— Japan

  1. Masters Degree: Problems in Achieving the Universality of Elementary Education in Benin: A Comparison with China and Japan.
  2. Ph.D.Degree: Social Stratification and the Employment Problem in Developing Countries: The Republic of Benin Case.

Employment and Activities

— China

September 1993 - March 1994

Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda, Beijing-China. Worked as a translator Chinese-French-English.

— Japan

1994 - 1996

Served as a translator for various African Personalities (Presidents) on private visits in Japan.

April 1994 - March 1998

Jesuit China-Center (J.C.C.) Wakamiya Nakano, Tokyo. Assisted the Director.

April 1998 - 2002

Become a T.V. personality in Tokyo, regularly appeared on T.B.S. Television.
Authored two books in Japanese in Japan which were generously supported by T.B.S. Television. The titles of the two books were "Zomahoun’s View of Japan" (1999, Kawade Shobo, which sold well) and "Do African Countries Benefit from Globalization?”) (2000, Kawade Shobo).
Donated royalty income from the two books to build three fully equipped elementary schools in Benin for at least 1,020 students and spent lecture income on digging three school wells and two village wells. Also spent royalty income from books and lectures on donate to Caritas, other NGOs and UNICEF (U.N). Co-authored a third book sponsored by T.B.S. and published by Kawade Shobo in 2001.
Co-authored with others, book entitled; "Japan's Justice: Domestic and International Dimensions (2003, Ochanomizu Shobo)

2002 - Present

Sometimes lectured at Kyoritsu Women's University, Tokyo, Japan (Subject: Intercultural Communication)
In addition he established a foundation (IFE Foundation) in 2002 with four purposes:

  1. Digging deep wells
  2. Promoting primary education
  3. Promoting environmental protection measures
  4. Promoting Asian-African friendship

Regarding No.4 of the above, he built a "Japan House" (In Benin) to teach Japanese language and culture to young Africans. It is staffed by two Japanese volunteers who were university professors. The Japanese language and culture are taught in "Takeshi Japanese Language School" or "Takeshi Nihongo Gakkou" in Cotonou, Benin.


November 2001Presented in Barcelona, Spain with an academic award (academic leadership and accomplishment) by Junior Chamber International Inc. (J.C.I.-A United Nations Organization Consultative Institution)
July 2002Grand national order of Benin (Benin's highest civilian decoration) awarded by Beninese President.
November 2009Prize for social contribution by the Foundation for Encouragement of Social Contribution (FESCO).
17 March 2004


Photo: Father
Zomahoun Enaboua
He was a terrifying father, but thanks to him, I was able to study at school. If I had not been to school, I would have not been able to live in Japan. I say thank you to him from the bottom of my heart.
Photo: Mother
Akpaki Ogudoum Rose
She was really loving mother.


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